1960 Steinway L Mahogany 5’10” Grand Piano

It was so nice to have my concert pianist friend and very well respected piano teacher, Robert Jorgensen stop by the other day for a spontaneous visit! I took the opportunity to have him show off our beautiful 1960 Steinway L.

Offered at $18,995 Out the door.


Outstanding piano with a beautiful flame mahogany case. Soundboard is in pristine condition.

The price includes

  • 5 year warranty
  • High-end Jansen adjustable artist bench
  • First in-home tuning
  • Full humidity control system
  • Basic local delivery, and tax.
  • Bonus: $95 annual tunings during the warranty period!

A fast action with no stiffness and a warm singing tone will inspire you for decades to come. This piano was made before the Teflon parts were introduced so it has none of the issues associated with that era. It features the famous Steinway “Accelerated Action” and “Diaphragmatic Soundboard”. These improvements were developed in the 1930’s so they are not available on pianos made in previous years.