Pianova carries or recommends a full line of piano products including:

  • Piano Benches
  • Piano Lamps
  • Pedal Extenders
  • Metronomes
  • Quiet Keys
  • String Covers
  • Humidity Control Systems














Paul Jansen & Sons Piano Benches are the industry standard for quality adjustable artist benches. We offer all Jansen benches at 20% below retail price + $45 shipping.

MusiciansFriend.com offers an inexpensive bench. While not as high quality as the Jansen benches, they offer a selection of inexpensive piano and keyboard benches. They also have good prices on select of Piano Lamps.

Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control Systems can greatly enhance the tuning stability of any piano. More info below.

Piano Pedal Extenders allow small childeren and adults to use the pedals.

Metronomes.com has the best prices I've seen on a wide variety of metronomes.

Quiet Keys Practice Mutes reduce the volume of an upright piano by 70 % allowing more oportunities to practice without disturbing others. Its also saves wear on the hammers and the piano's tuning. They can be installed in most upright pianos for $150 + tax..

Edwards String Covers are makers of fine wool covers that protect the strings, tuning pins, and soundboard of grand pianos. The price ranges from $370 for grands up to 6' to $420 for grands up to 8'.

Perfectly Grand offers a large assortment of benches, lamps, covers and other piano related products at competitve prices.

International Piano Supply specializes in selling piano parts and tools for the do-it-yourself piano hobbyist.



Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control Systems

Humidity control should be of utmost concern for the piano owner. The #1 reason pianos go out of tune is humidity change. I have literally witnessed pianos go noticeably out of tune after a week due to sudden spikes or drops in Relative Humidity. Thoughtful placement of the piano is the first thing to consider.

  • Do not place a piano where a heating vent or air conditioner can blow directly toward the piano.
  • Avoid placing the piano near windows, or outside doors.
  • If there is a window nearby be sure that direct sunlight does not shine directly on the piano.















Humidity Control Systems for the piano

Once you have controlled the environment around the piano as much as possible, the next thing to consider is a Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control system for the piano. Dampp-chaser offers a variety of products designed to reduce the pianos reaction to external fluctuations in Relative Humidity.

The best way to know if your piano needs a system is to have your piano tuned at least every 6 months. The entire tuning is based around the “A” above middle “C” vibrating at 440 vibrations per second (A=440Hz). We feel that in most situations, a tuning that fluctuates between A=439 and A=441is acceptable. If on subsequent visits we find the tuning is outside this range then it is obvious that the piano can benefit with a Dampp-Chaser.

Humidity Control should be foremost in the piano owners mind when it comes to proper piano care. Most pianos can benefit from having a humidity control system installed directly in the piano. These systems (known as Dampp-Chasers) have been around for over 50 years and are now endorsed by the leading piano manufacturers of the world.






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