Piano tuning, repairs, rebuilding and consultations for Olympia and surrounding areas. Quality pre-owned pianos for students and professionals.

Our Mission:

To inspire music making in the home by promoting the care and enjoyment of the acoustic piano, connecting clients with teachers, and offering high-quality pre-owned pianos for sale. 

Find a Piano!

We maintain an inventory of hand selected, clean and affordable pianos to help you express yourself musically and creatively.  Have a lead on a piano on Craigslist or from a co-worker? We do pre-purchase checks! In many cases we can move the piano (only if it is an upright – we don’t move grands) and blow the dust and debris out before it arrives in your home. Challenging move? Use one of our prefered piano movers. 

Fix your piano!

Maybe your old clunker is a diamond in the rough! Many older instruments are working far below their potential. We love putting new life back into vintage pianos. The results can often be comparable to a new high-quality piano. Schedule a consultation and we’ll go through your piano with a no-pressure evaluation and help you make a decision that is right for you.

Find a teacher!

We maintain the most complete list of piano teachers in the Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater area.  We have developed a very close relationship with the Olympia Music Teachers Association. (Ryan is currently serving on their Board of Directors).  We’d love to connect you with a qualified teacher!

Stay inspired!

Visit our resources link and go down a rabbit hole of great sites and articles. Attend Yale University’s Music 112 on Youtube for free! Read current consumer information on new pianos. Form your own piano club. Find tools and information for the do-it-yourselfer.

Our Training

Technician Ryan Sowers has received 130 hours of specialized training at the Steinway & Sons factory in New York City. He has also had extensive training at Yamaha North American Headquarters, and at the prestigious Colbern School with Shigeru Kawai. Additionally he has received mentoring from some of the best technicians in the Northwest including Steve Brady, Darrell Fandrich, and Michael Reiter. He regularly attends educational seminars sponsored by the Piano Technicians Guild.


Pianova Piano Service is honored to share these testimonials from some of our top clients

Charlie Albright, internationally recognized award-winning pianist, composer and friend

“Thank you so much for the magnificent work on the piano. I’ve never heard it sound/play that well. It was like a different piano…it was spectacular.”

Jessica Williams
Ryan’s tuning can be heard on the albums “Touch” & “Songs for a New Century”

Jessica Williams, pianist, composer, and two-time grammy nominee

“Just as there are piano players and then there are fine pianists, there are likewise piano tuners and then there are fine piano technicians. A piano tuner tunes the piano, often with a digital device. A great technician has the ear of a true musician. A great technician makes the piano sing to its optimal level, opening artistic pathways for the musician.

After Ryan works on my piano, feel as if it almost plays itself. He opens the instrument up to all of its sonic capabilities. He gets it to SING!”  Continue reading “Testimonials”



To learn more about how our appointments are more than “just a tuning” check out our post on Full Service vs. “Tune & Run”. 

Updated January 2019

Note: Before having your piano tuned, we highly recommend having a Dampp-Chaser humidity control system installed 3-5 weeks prior. This will insure that you get the most mileage out of the tuning. Without humidity control, tuning can go out more quickly than you might think! To know more read this blog post on humidity and tuning stability. Cost of basic systems is listed further down the page.

We offer scholarships for low income individuals or families. Email ryan@olympiapianotuner.com and describe your situation. We want everyone to be able to afford an in-tune piano!

Mileage/Trip fee: For pianos within a 15 mile radius of our business location (2302 State Ave NE, Olympia) there is no trip fee. Outside that range, the fee range is $1.25 – $1.65 per mile for the trip out, depending on overall distance. Trip fee can be shared by clients who schedule in the same area on the same day. Contact our office for more information.

2-Hour “Catch up” Service: $275  We recommend this service for most pianos that are very out of tune and/or have not received any other maintenance besides tuning for several years. The service will vary depending on the needs of the piano and the client. Even if the tuning is close, this appointment is great for pianos that have not had regulating and/or voicing maintained OR if the piano gets heavy use. May include minor repairs if time allows.

Basic Maintenance Service: $200 This appointment is for a piano that is moderately out of tune and is operating at close to its potential. In addition to fine tuning, a basic service often includes some combination of cleaning, voicing, and regulating. The goal is to keep your piano’s touch and tone from deteriorating from age, use, and humidity changes.
Continue reading “Rates/Fees”


Career Highlights 

Tuning for recordings, concerts, colleges, schools, teachers, and stores, and many satisfied amateurs.

In 2013 Ryan was honored to receive the annual James Burton Award.

“Each year the Pacific Northwest Regional Conference of the Piano Technicians Guild honors a member of PTG by bestowing the James H. Burton Award. The award is given to honor Jim, for the service he so willingly gave to PTG over many years, and the recipient who likewise, has given of themselves unselfishly to further piano technology in both the local, regional and national level.”


Ryan’s tuning can be heard on several nationally released recordings:

“Vivace”  by internationally acclaimed pianist Charlie Albright  was recorded on the Steinway concert grand purchased by Centralia College in 2009. Ryan was hired to select and prepare this piano from the West Coast inventory.

Songs for a New Century by award winning pianist and two-time Grammy nominee Jessica Williams. Recorded at her home  in 2008.

“Touch” by Jessica Williams recorded live at the Triple Door Theater in Seattle, Washington in 2010.

Pianova services pianos for many schools and institutions:

St. Martins University, The Evergreen State College, Grays Harbor College, North Thurston Public Schools, Tumwater Public Schools, Shelton School District, and Olympia High School.

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Piano Sales

warning! Buying a piano on craigslist can be risky. please read our article “beware the bargain piano!”

“A Home Based Piano Boutique”

Our shop is hidden in a modest house in Olympia’s Upper Eastside neighborhood

By Appointment Only

Unless otherwise noted, all prices include: Tax, basic delivery (difficult moves are extra), first in-home tuning, basic humidity control system, 5-year warranty, and 50% discount on annual service for the first 5 years.


New Listing!

Previously Restored 1914 Walnut Steinway “M” 5’7″ Grand

Offered at $14,995

Private Sale: Buyer responsible for tax, delivery, etc.

This beautiful Steinway belongs to one of our clients who needs to downsize.  It was restored by her mother and sounds and plays great!





5’3″ 1932 Everett Baby Grand  $3995
ON SALE NOW FOR $3450 Out the door!


Very cute, lively action, and sweet sound make this a musical bargain! 5’3″ Walnut case with matching bench.

Click on picture for more info, pictures and an audio file for this piano.

6’1″ 1969 Yamaha Conservatory Grand model C3  $15,750
On Sale Now for Only $14,995 Out the door!

Not a “grey market” piano! This piano is in excellent condition and was purchased from the original Olympia family. Very high quality piano. It has been expertly voiced and regulated.  All of its original paperwork is intact.

6′  1893 Hamburg Steinway Model “A” Grand. 85 note ivory keyboard $12,000
On Sale Now for $11,450 Out the door!

Click HERE for more pictures

It received extensive restoration in the 1970’s including new strings, hammers, and “modernized” legs and music desk. Light action and beautifully mellow tone. Case has moderate wear and tear.

 Why Buy a Piano From Us?


 Our overhead is super low, because we are a real “Mom and Pop” operation. Our little piano shop is located at our home near downtown Olympia, so we don’t have to pay for commercial retail space. We are family owned and operated and we don’t hire professional salespeople. That means the money you pay for our instruments goes into refined workmanship that makes our play and sound better than others you may have tried. Yet, if you compare our prices you’ll see we are very competitive.


 We service pianos for many of the prestigious teachers and performers in the area.  Ryan ‘s dedication to the Piano Technicians Guild has allowed him to study with some of the most well-respected technicians in the United States. Ryan has received specialized training at both Yamaha North American Headquarters in Los Angeles, and the Steinway & Sons factory in New York. Ryan’s résumé


As an advanced pianist, Ryan can experience the instrument not just as a technician, but as a musician. This allows him to bring a level of refinement to his technical work that would not otherwise be possible.

No Pressure

When you come to see one of our pianos you won’t be pressured into making a decision right away. In fact, we always encourage people to take their time when purchasing a piano.  What is important is that you make the right choice for you. Since you’ll be dealing directly with the technician you’ll be sure to get accurate information without all the sales hype. Even if you don’t buy one of our pianos it will be an educational experience.

We have a few pianos in the wings! Two mid-century spinets: a Baldwin Acrosonic and an Everett.  Both will be priced around $2700. Also a mid-century Wurlitzer 45″ studio piano in great shape for $3200.