1893 Hamburg Steinway “A”

We are consigning this piano for a private client. It has been in her family since the 1970’s. According to the client the piano was rebuilt in the mid 1970’s. It appears that the piano received soundboard repairs, new strings, case refinishing, and new hammers and damper felt.

1893 was the last year of the 85 note keyboard. The Hamburg factory continued making 85 note keyboards for a slightly longer time than the New York Factory.

The case has a number of flaws. In the first picture you can see there is some stain mis-matching on the leg and the side of the case. The leg is darker and there are some dark streaks on the side.

Note: The original piano from this period would have had highly decorative rounded legs. It was popular in the 1970’s to “modernize” the case and put more tradition leg designs to replace the ornate victorian style legs. This applies to the music desk also.

The sound file below is raw – there is no processing. This recording is with the piano as-is. The piano received no tuning or voicing prior to the recording. When all the prep work is done on this piano we will update the recording.


A few light scratches on the side of the case.
Some scratches on the arm of the piano. Also the stain on the top of the arm is darker than the side of the arm.
This appears to be a moisture ring probably from a plant pot.