1914 Previously Restored Steinway M 5’7 Walnut Grand

A beautiful vintage Steinway at a great price.

Offered at $14,995

This piano belongs to a client we have known for several years. She is needing to downsize, and no longer plays the piano. It has a powerful, singing tone with great sustain and a smooth action that feels good to play.

Buyer will be responsible for moving expenses. Basic grand piano moves in the Olympia area start at around $350. See our list of prefered piano movers.

Please contact us to arrange a viewing / demonstration at our client’s residence near the Thurston County Courthouse.

Soundboard and bridges are in great shape!

It received a significant amount of restoration work by her mother (who owned the piano previously). This work included: New strings and tuning pins (size 3), New damper felt, new hammers, shanks, and flanges, new wippens, and new keybushings.  Parts do not appear to be genuine Steinway parts, but are good quality and show very little wear.

The tuning pins are as tight as new and the piano holds a tuning exceptionally well.


The soundboard and bridges are in excellent condition with no visible cracking that is common in vintage Steinways.

One chipped ivory

The keyboard is genuine ivory and ebony. There is one small chip in one of the lowest keys. This can be repaired for a nominal fee.  The walnut case is in very good condition.

The bench is not the original but is a good match. It has a slightly more reddish tint than the piano.

attractive vintage duet bench.

A new rebuild of this type currently costs approximately $15,000.
Current list price of a brand new Steinway M is over $75,000.