Piano Moving

Piano Movers for the Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and Outlying Areas

Not all “movers” are good piano movers.

Moving pianos has its special challenges and should be left to professionals who specialize.

Yes! We move pianos- but on a case by case basis.

Our fee is usually $250 and is part of a  basic blow-out service to remove dust and debris before placement in new location.  The piano has to be moved outside in order to do a basic blow out service. Then the piano can be moved to a new location. We do not move pianos without the blow out service. If there is a distance of greater than 15 miles from our shop, we have a trip fee of $1 per mile. For example to move a piano 20 miles from Olympia to Shelton the trip fee would be $20 + the $250 moving free for a $270 total.

We do upright pianos only as part of piano service

Moving grand pianos is more complex and requires more specialized equipment than moving upright pianos. T

We do the “easy moves”

We define an “easy move” as one not involving more than 2 or 3 steps, no steep inclines or difficult turns.

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Fronts of houses to show piano moving difficulaty
House on the Left: No problem! House on the right: We’ll refer you.

When scheduling a piano move we like to see what we are getting into. Please email us any pictures that will help us determine if we can take it on, or if we will need to refer you to one of our preferred piano movers. Please take a picture of the piano as well. 

Need caster cups?

If you are moving a piano onto a hardwood floor we highly recommend hardwood caster cups from Schaff piano supply. They are hardwood with felt on the bottom which allows even the heaviest pianos to slide without marking. We have some tricks for positioning them under the piano.  $40 for a set of 4.

Piano moves are coordinated as part of a basic “blow-out” service

Pianos are dust bins. Clients are shocked at the enormous dust cloud that can emanate from a piano. In order to remove all loose dust and debris the piano has to be blown out with high air pressure. You do NOT want to do this inside!

Releasing that much old dust into the air is a health hazard. We bring a blower, respirator, and brushes with us and remove the debris before the piano is placed in the new environment. This can often be done in a driveway if weather permits or in a garage or carport if there is a risk of rain. We can also make a pit stop by our shop to do the blow out.

Moving is the perfect time to consider reconditioning the piano

Many piano repair projects require paying to have the piano moved to the shop. If you need a piano moved anyways, it is a good opportunity to fix it up before it arrives in its new home. Certain procedures like reshaping the felt hammers are messy and best done in a shop environment. Use of finish restoration products, lubricants and adhesives can have strong odors that you would prefer not to have in your home.

We don’t normally do free estimates, but moving a piano is an exception. We will already be at the piano and will need to do some disassembly for the blowing out procedure. We are happy to go over the issues we observe and what we think can be done to improve the performance of your piano.  As always there is no pressure!

Our Prefered Local Mover

Please tell them we sent you!

Anderson Piano Service

Phone:  360-866-8252  Email: david@andersonpianoservices.com

David Anderson has been moving pianos since he apprenticed with Grace Piano in the 1970’s. As a fellow piano technician he is more qualified than the typical home mover. He is licenced with the state of Washington.

Tell him we sent you!

West Coast/Nationwide

Walter Transport  Nationwide piano moving specialists. (574) 674-6139

Big Al’s Specialty Movers (based out of Vancouver, WA. Serves Western States) (360) 576-1988

Modern Piano Moving (Nationwide) (800) 737-5600