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Updated January 3, 2019

Short List (scroll down for more detailed descriptions)
Price: Lowest to highest

$1690 1954 Sold Wurlitzer Mahogany 45″ Studio Upright
$1995 1910 Sold Lester 55″ Upright Dark Tiger Oak Full Upright
$2975 On sale for $2500 out the door! 1963 Yamaha U3 52″ Professional Upright  Polished Mahogany
$2495 1939 SOLD Jesse French Light Walnut 48″ Mini Upright
$2995 1924 Bush & Lane 56″ Dark Mahogany Full Upright
$4995 Sold 1986 Steinway & Sons 46″ Satin Ebony Studio Upright
$5400 Late 1800’s Heitzmann 6’7″ Viennese fortepiano
$10,475 On sale for $8700 out the door! 1893 Steinway & Sons Hamburg “A”  Walnut 6′ Grand
$11,995 1969 Yamaha C3 6′ Satin Ebony Grand
$14,995 1914 Steinway & Sons “M” 5’7″ Walnut  Grand
Sold $29,500 1996 Steinway & Sons “B” 6’11” Ebony Grand

In the works: 1947 Art Deco Spinet by Story & Clark
Estimated selling price $1800-$2300. As is for $750.

Mid-Century Wurlitzer 45″ Studio Piano
. Our current  “most bang for the buck” piano! $1690 + tax. Includes delivery, tuning and humidity control system. 5-year Warranty.

A 1954 Classic! This piano has very little wear for its age and will give many years of use. It is currently located at R.L. Ray Violin shop: 925 State Ave NE. Call them at (360) 570-1085 to arrange a time to see this cute piano!

We have cleaned it, regulated the action, custom weighted the keys, and voiced the hammers. A basic humidity control system is included. The case does have some minor wear and tear but overall makes a good impression.

With sales tax the out-the-door price is $1847

1910 Lester 55″ tall upright piano. 
$1995 + tax. Includes delivery, tuning and humidity control system. 5-year Warranty.


his is a classic! Vintage uprights in this condition are getting very difficult to find. The dark tiger oak is striking, and the tone is rich with an outstanding bass. Case has minor wear and tear, but makes a great impression. The keyboard has been rebuilt with new acrylic tops and German felt keybushings. It has a medium touch and very responsive action. It also has a practice mute that cuts the volume by 70%.

With sales tax the out-the-door price is $2175

1939 Jesse French 48″ Mini- Upright

$2475 + tax Includes bench, delivery, tuning and humidity control system. 5-year warranty.

This type of piano is one of my all-time favorites! These “mini-uprights” were popular in the 1930’s and are a transitional piano between the standard large upright pianos from decades prior, and the consoles and spinets of the post World War II era. They have similar proportions to a full size upright, but in a scaled down form, which makes them very cute. This piano has beautiful book-matched walnut grain patterns and tasteful furniture accents. They keys have been recovered with fresh German acrylic synthetic ivory. It really plays and sounds lovely. Since it has minimal wear it will last for many years to come. 

On Sale
1963 Yamaha U3 52″ Professional Upright

$2795 + tax Now $2500 Includes tax!!
Includes adjustable bench, delivery, tuning and humidity control system. 5-year warranty.

The U3 is Yamaha’s premier upright piano designed for the discriminating professional musician who lacks the space requirements of a grand piano. The tone quality of this piano is equal to or greater than many mid-size grand pianos. The action is very responsive and has “low miles” and will last for decades to come.

A new U3 in polished mahogany has a list price of over $16,000!  https://www.pianobuyer.com/brand/yamaha/

With sales tax the out-the-door price is $3252

A truly grand sounding upright!
1924 Bush & Lane 56″ tall upright grand.
$2995 + tax. Includes delivery, tuning and humidity control system. 5-year Warranty. 

Cream of the crop! Bush & Lane is considered by many piano technicians to be one of the best models of upright piano ever made. The construction is incredible – all the best materials, and meticulous build quality make these way beyond the run of the mill.

This one came from a local family who inherited a Steinway grand piano. We’ve gone through and rebushed the keys, reshaped and voiced the hammers, spruced up the original finish on the beautiful woodwork. The action has been finely regulated.  Its varnish has a gorgeous patina that we love! The soundboard is in beautiful condition and the resonance of this piano is outstanding. If you like the tone of a mid-size grand but don’t have the space, you need to try this piano.

With sales tax the out-the-door price is $3274

Late 1800’s Heitzmann and Sohn Viennese fortepiano 6’7″.  $5400 + tax. Includes delivery and tuning.

Rare Austrian made fortepiano with Viennese action, real ivory keys, rotating candelabras, and beautiful scroll work music desk. New strings, damper felt, and key frame felt. Hammers resurfaced and action regulated.

Piano has not been refinished, and has its original antique exterior.

From Wikipedia: “In the 1770s, the Augsburg builder Johann Andreas Stein developed an entirely new action in which the orientation of the hammer was reversed, with the hammer head closer to the player. This “Viennese” action was widely used by makers in Vienna, and was the action of pianos played by Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. It survived in Viennese pianos almost to the end of the 19th century.”

With sales tax the out-the-door price is $5886

Sold 1986 Steinway Model 1098 46 ½” Upright Piano. Was $6500 now on sale for $4995 + tax. Includes delivery, tuning and humidity control system. 5-year Warranty.

Beautiful, super clean, one owner piano includes all service records since it was purchased new in 1987.  Meticulously maintained by top technicians. Light and lively touch and colorful tone.

New Model 1098 List price is over $32,000! Click the link below for an audio sample – headphones or good speakers recommended.

Audio clip: Ryan Sowers playing selection from Chopin Nocturne Op. 9, no 1

With sales tax the out-the-door price is $5449

1893 Hamburg Steinway A 6′ Grand
Was $12,000 now on sale for $10,475 + tax. On sale for $8700 out the door! Includes delivery, tuning and humidity control system. 5-year warranty.

Click HERE for more pictures

It received extensive restoration in the 1970’s including new strings, hammers, and modernized legs and music desk. Light action and beautifully mellow tone. Case has moderate wear and tear.

1969 Yamaha C3 Conservatory Grand
Was $15,750 – Now on sale for $11,995.
Includes delivery, tuning and humidity control system. 5-year warranty.

With sales tax the out-the-door price is $13,110

A new Yamaha like this costs over $40,000

includes 5-year Warranty and discounts on future tuning

A beautifully well-preserved one-owner locally purchased piano!

Audio clip below – Ryan Sowers improvising – headphones or good speakers recommended.

This piano was purchased originally by a local much-loved and respected piano teacher and client of ours.  Soundboard is in pristine condition, strings are shiny, keys are smooth, but not loose, and the hammers are in beautiful shape with many years of use left in them.

The finish has some minor wear and tear and a few of the keys have a hairline crack that is strictly cosmetic.

Private Listing:
Previously Restored 1914 Walnut Steinway “M” 5’7″ Grand
$14,995 or make offer.

Private Sale: Buyer responsible for tax, delivery, etc.

This beautiful Steinway belongs to one of our clients who needs to downsize.  An affordable high-end piano!


Sold! Private Listing:
1996 Ebony Steinway “B” 6’11” Grand
$29,500 Priced to sell!

Private Sale: Buyer responsible for tax, delivery, etc.

The piano of choice for most of the world’s best pianists.  The model B is legendary and this is a wonderful example. It has a warm, lush tone and is very expressive with excellent sustain.

The piano has always been serviced by Steinway certified technicians beginning with Susan Willanger Cady who attended to University of Washington School of Music and guest artists performing in Meany Hall. Secondly, Tom Kunz who was profiled in the book Grand Obsession: A Piano Odyssey. Lastly the piano has been maintained  every six months in its present high status by local Steinway specialist, Ryan Sowers, RPT.

Currently in the works…
1947 Art Deco Spinet by Story & Clark

A little rough but super sweet!
We can sell as is for $795 + tax.
After refurbishing we predict a selling price of between $1800 – 2300

 Why Buy a Piano From Us?


 Our overhead is super low, because we are a real Mom and Pop operation. Our little piano shop is located at our home near downtown Olympia, so we don’t have to pay for commercial retail space. We are family owned and operated and we don’t hire professional salespeople. That means the money you pay for our instruments goes into refined workmanship that makes our play and sound better than others you may have tried. Yet, if you compare our prices you’ll see we are very competitive.


 We service pianos for many of the prestigious teachers and performers in the area.  Ryan ‘s dedication to the Piano Technicians Guild has allowed him to study with some of the most well-respected technicians in the United States. Ryan has received specialized training at both Yamaha North American Headquarters in Los Angeles, and the Steinway & Sons factory in New York. Ryan’s résumé


As an advanced pianist, Ryan can experience the instrument not just as a technician, but as a musician. This allows him to bring a level of refinement to his technical work that would not otherwise be possible.

No Pressure

When you come to see one of our pianos you won’t be pressured into making a decision right away. In fact, we always encourage people to take their time when purchasing a piano.  What is important is that you make the right choice for you. Since you’ll be dealing directly with the technician you’ll be sure to get accurate information without all the sales hype. Even if you don’t buy one of our pianos it will be an educational experience.