Recommended Products for Piano Owners

  1. Humidity Control System by Dampp Chaser
  2. Adjustable Artist Bench
  3. Wool string cover to protect grand piano strings
  4. Piano Lamps
  5. Caster Cups to protect wood floors.
  6. Pedal extenders for small pianists
  7. Good basic metronome


Humidity Control: Visit our humidity control information page for more info!


Benches: Visit our Bench information page for more info!

Wool String Covers Help protect the soundboard from dust and debris and keep the strings looking shiny and new. They also boost the effectiveness of a humidity control system. We order Dawson’s String Covers for our clients.

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For a decent affordable lamp for your upright I recommend this option from

If you’re looking for higher quality a good resource is

I carry several sets of hardwood caster cups in mahogany, walnut, and ebony. I have some good tricks for inserting them without throwing out your back! We sell them for $10/piece. I’m happy to install them at no extra charge at a tuning appointment.

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Pedal Extenders can help smaller pianist more easily access the pedals. There are two main types:

1.  The type that attaches directly to the pedal and makes it taller. These sell for $49 for one or $79 for a pair.

Piano Pedal Extensions

2.  The second type is basically a box with additional pedals that sit over the pianos pedals.

Lightweight Portable Adjustable Piano Pedal Extender Bench

This top-rated model at sells for $160

A metronome is an essential practice tool. A good metronome makes a good “tock” sound, has an adjustable volume, is easy to switch tempos with the turn of a dial, and can give an accent tone on different beats. The Matrix M600 is my current favorite. It is easy to find on