Pianova Piano Service is honored to share these testimonials from some of our top clients

Charlie Albright, internationally recognized award-winning pianist, composer and friend

“Thank you so much for the magnificent work on the piano. I’ve never heard it sound/play that well. It was like a different piano…it was spectacular.”

Jessica Williams
Ryan’s tuning can be heard on the albums “Touch” & “Songs for a New Century”

Jessica Williams, pianist, composer, and two-time grammy nominee

“Just as there are piano players and then there are fine pianists, there are likewise piano tuners and then there are fine piano technicians. A piano tuner tunes the piano, often with a digital device. A great technician has the ear of a true musician. A great technician makes the piano sing to its optimal level, opening artistic pathways for the musician.

After Ryan works on my piano, feel as if it almost plays itself. He opens the instrument up to all of its sonic capabilities. He gets it to SING!” 

Ben Klinger, Manger of Classic Pianos of Bellevue

Our relationships with piano technicians are incredibly important. Technicians become an extension of our own relationships with our clients, so we place a huge amount of trust in them. Therefore, we limit the number of technicians that work for us to a small core of top  professionals. Ryan Sowers has consistently demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, honesty and integrity. Clients are consistently very pleased with his work, and I feel comfortable recommending him to anyone needing piano service

Robert Jorgensen, concert pianist, recording artist, and composer
Olympia, WA

“Ryan Sowers is always welcome at my house. He combines his skill as a piano technician with good musicianship. For my concerts, he’s my first choice of technicians.”


Darrell Fandrich, RPT
Owner, Fandrich & Sons Pianos


Ryan Sowers is that rare piano tuner-technician who is an excellent pianist and is able to translate his sensitivity as a player into the focus for the technical work that he does. He is always learning and adding to his already fine skills as a tuner, voicer, regulator and rebuilder. If ever I couldn’t tune/service my own piano, Ryan is one of a very small group of tuner-technicians that I would be totally happy to have work on my piano.

Paul Edwards, Piano Teacher

Paul Edwards, one of the areas top piano teachers

“Working with Ryan Sowers has been a complete joy. He brings out the full potential of my Yamaha grand piano and keeps it in tip-top shape.”

From Angie’s List

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“Our piano had not been tuned in 40 years. We feared that the bass strings were dead, and that it was untuneable. Ryan vacuumed it thoroughly, taking out the keyboard, loosened the bass strings so they sounded again, and performed what he calls an extreme tuning, essentially tuning it three times. There was also a hammer that needed adjustment so it would hit the proper strings.

Throughout the whole procedure, he explained what he was doing and answered all my numerous questions. We wondered about the quality of our piano, a family heirloom, and he was able to evaluate it generally. He obviously loves his work. He obviously loves pianos!

I found his company through his website and made arrangements by email. All charges were discussed in advance. I was willing to pay a $30 travel fee for him to come to Tacoma from Olympia. He indicated that it would be possible to reshape the hammers to improve the sound and gave an estimate. This is something we’ll definitely trust him with in the future. As a bonus, he plays for you a piece of your choice at the end of the tuning.”